The concept


T.D.O.T. Industries & Int'l Trade Ltd., are one of the leading developers and manufacturers of scientifically proven, state-of-the-art skin care cosmetics. Specializing specifically in the manufacture of natural skin care, T.D.O.T. are renowned for their ground breaking cosmetic formulas.

T.D.O.T.'s R&D Department are committed to research, formulate, develop and design innovative ranges of cosmetic products, which are then sold under T.D.O.T.'s own labels and under a multitude of private labels in major retail chain stores, pharmacies, salons and spas worldwide. Using the very latest in natural ingredient technologies and cosmetic processes and by using tested and proven cutting-edge ingredient complexes, T.D.O.T. offers excellence in skin-care.

T.D.O.T's world-class formulas are manufactured using innovative cosmetic manufacturing processes and according to strict industry standards for the manufacture of cosmetic products. T.D.O.T remains committed to the pursuit of excellence in the manufacture of their cosmetic products and the emphasis is, as always, to strive to provide the highest levels of product innovation, quality, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

With the emphasis on natural ingredients that are both kind to your skin and kind to the environment, T.D.O.T. focused its efforts on producing a premium collection of anti-aging facial products aimed at the exclusive, luxury high-end cosmetics market. Choice natural ingredients and tried and tested natural ingredient complexes were selected that are known to specifically target the typical signs of aging. Each of these cutting edge anti-aging ingredient complexes has been extensively tested and researched with proven results demonstrating their effectiveness.

Eight key products were chosen to represent the La Tresie line in order to offer the most effective and intensive range of anti-aging skin care. From concept to finished product, the emphasis was to provide a luxury product designed to appeal to the high-end customer. Great care was taken in the selection and design of the product packaging and the quality of the material used to ensure that the high-class, contemporary design would appeal to the target market.

The La Tresie exclusive collection offers excellence in anti-aging skin care.