About Us

LA TRESIE is manufactured in Israel by T.D.O.T. Industries Int’l Trade Ltd. The company was established in 1999 and is in private ownership.

T.D.O.T. specialize in the manufacture of innovative and advanced cosmetic products formulated from choice natural ingredients. By using the most up to date natural ingredient technologies combined with tested and proven natural ingredient complexes and by utilizing innovative cosmetic manufacturing processes, T.D.O.T. manufacture hundreds of cosmetic products that are highly effective, in line with consumer trends, environmentally friendly and above all, enormously successful worldwide.

T.D.O.T. are committed to the pursuit of excellence in the manufacture of their cosmetic products and the emphasis is, as always to strive to provide the highest levels of product innovation, effectiveness, quality & customer satisfaction. T.D.O.T. has been awarded ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, & ISO 22716:2007 for the manufacturing & marketing of cosmetic products. This certification ensures that levels of quality, environmental management, product safety & good manufacturing practice are upheld to the very highest of standards. In addition the Israeli Cosmetics Industry Association has recognized the work of T.D.O.T. and have awarded them the Good Quality Mark for excellence in the manufacture of cosmetic products.

T.D.O.T. Industries Int’l Trade Ltd manufacture many successful lines under their own labels and under private label for a multitude of clients and these products can be found in major retail chains, pharmacies and spas & salons worldwide. In addition to manufacturing 'finished retail' products, T.D.O.T. also specialize in the production of cosmetics in bulk for clients to package themselves and in the provision of raw materials for cosmetic production.

Based in Israel and with logistical centers in the US and in China, T.D.O.T. are proud to provide all of their customers with exceptional service and look forward to working with you.


T.D.O.T. Industries & Int'l Trade Ltd has received the following Certification / Standards for the manufacturing & marketing of cosmetic products:

  • ISO 14001:2004 is an Environmental Management Standard, whose purpose is to ensure that manufacturing is conducted while protecting the environment, preventing pollution and improving overall environmental performance.

  • ISO 22716:2007 replaces the former GMP (Good Manufacturing Certificate) and gives specific guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

  • ISO 9001:2008 is the latest version of the Quality Management Standard that helps organizations achieve standards of quality that are recognized and accepted throughout the world.

  • Israeli Cosmetics Industry Association - Good Quality Mark awarded for excellence in the manufacture of cosmetic products.
    Recognizing the work of T.D.O.T. Industries & Int'l Trade Ltd, the Israeli Cosmetics Industry Association has awarded them the Good Quality Mark for excellence in the manufacture of Dead Sea cosmetic products.